With Mother’s Day only days away, it’s time to start thinking about what can your business do that’s unique from the rest, while still driving revenue. With Mother’s Day spending on the rise, there are several ways to cater to clients who are looking to pamper some of the most beloved women in their lives. Here are 5 ways you can help your clients celebrate Mom.

Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Your Salon or Spa

Discounted Services. Provide discounted services, just for mom! If your business is closed on Sundays, offer a special the week prior, or few days leading up to the holiday. Make sure to communicate with your team what the special is, and determine any rules or restrictions. It’s common to see new clients when offering discounted services, so be sure that your front desk professional is also comfortable speaking about your client loyalty program and trying to pre-book those first-timers.


If anyone likes to be pampered, it’s Mom! Offer clients the opportunity to win a day of pampering for a mom they know and love! Get creative! For instance, you can promote your giveaway by having clients post to their social media channels about Mom and ask them to tag your business or use a unique hashtag. Engaging with current and potential clients on social media will help drive brand awareness and get people in the door. Don’t forget to reach out to local radio stations and news channels to let them know about your giveaway!

Gift Baskets.

Create several pre-made baskets or build-a-basket options, where your clients can choose a gift card of a certain value as well as a few different products. Sell the baskets at a discounted rate based off of the value of the gift card and the included products.

Gift Cards.

Last year, over $2.25 billion was spent on gift cards for mom. An excellent promotion idea for Mother’s Day is a Buy One, Get One Gift Card. For this, you can define the parameters as: “Purchase a $100 gift card as a gift, and get a $20 gift card for yourself – for free!”


Host a ‘Mom’s Night Out’ at your salon or spa. Sell tickets at an “all-inclusive” price, include a few services and samples of product, and don’t forget to provide hors d’oeuvres and champagne! Take advantage of the opportunity by offering all Attendees a discount on any pre-booked service during the event. This will help fill your appointment book, increase your productivity, and frequency of visit.

Your 7-Step Mother’s Day Marketing Action Plan

#1: Decide your Mother’s Day specials and create the appropriate marketing materials.

#2: Start promoting your Mother’s Day specials about 3 weeks out from the holiday.

#3: Communicate your specials to clients at the time of check out. Promote on social media, your website, and reach out to local media.

#4: Set up your automated marketing to send emails to clients. Remind them that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and your business has just what Mom needs!

#5: Run a report to send targeted emails to clients who purchased gift cards this time last year. Remind them how much Mom loved her gift last year! Don’t forget to mention how easy it is to purchase another gift card instantly with Millennium eGift.

#6: Keep track of you Mother’s Day marketing campaigns so you can analyze what worked and what didn’t to drive even more revenue next year.

#7: Send reminder emails to all Moms who received gift cards. Suggest they come visit for a little TLC!