1. Playing mother nature – natural “local” beauty
To meet consumer demand for pure and efficacious products, the industry’s approach to natural and sustainable ingredients will be adapted. With the “back to basics” trend only growing in popularity as people choose to buy locally-sourced and produced products, the safety, source and certifications of products are becoming more important than ever before.

Our Trainer visited 4 different Nail Salons, around New Zealand, to try out pedicures, and was amazed to experience the differences in treatments and prices. As a Salon owner or manager, how often do you put yourself in your client’s shoes or your employees? No, pun intended.

A marketing buzz must be directed at different types of people—current, prospective, and new clients. Promotional specials can be the key to long-term sustainability in your salon business. Experienced and successful salon owners have been using salon promotions and loyalty programs for years to keep salon traffic flowing, increase sales, and attract new clientele.

Hot Stone

Takes a massage to the next level by warm and hot stones as an extension of the masseuse’s hands. Contrasting temperatures manipulate the contraction and dilation of muscle, moving fluid between tissue, improves circulation and aids repair and relief. This technique can be combined with deep tissue massage for a detox! Warming up the muscles allows the therapist to work more deeply faster relieving stiff and tired muscles. Wouldn’t recommend if sunburnt, don’t enjoy heat or medication that thins the blood.Swedish